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Overlay Scrollbar

Affected packages: overlay-scrollbar

Overlay Scrollbar are installed by default starting from Natty Beta 2 and available in Unity and Classic Desktop.

To test the scrollbar with as many applications as possible you'll need to disable the whitelist. To disable the whitelist prefix each application invocation with:


for example


To enable it permanently, create a file /etc/X11/Xsession.d/80overlayscrollbars with the content:


note: when scrollbars are enabled globally, and you are encountering a crash, or a slowdown and you'd like to try the application with overlay scrollbars disabled, you can start the application with:


The tracker only allows 1 result per reporter and testcase. Paste the list of applications with the results in the comment area of the test case you covered.

In case you find bugs, please report them at:

In particular, mention the version of the overlay library tested, and of the application that exposes the problem. If the application crashed, apport should have captured a crash file which can help narrow down the issue more quickly.

In particular report:

Test guidelines

For each GTK-based application that uses scrollbars for its interface, here are the individual tests to conduct:

  1. verify that the overlay scrollbar(s) appear in lieu of the classic GTK scrollbars; both horizontal or vertical scrollbars
  2. verify that scrolling the content pane works with keyboard shortcuts as they do normally; verify that the scrollbars do reflect the position of the content pane in the overlay content area
  3. verify that scrollbar "thumbs" do appear when approaching the scrollbars: the position of the thumbs should be outside, on the right, of the window containing the content pane, except when the window is close to the screen border, in which case it should be appear inside the content pane
  4. verify that the scrollbar thumbs can scroll the content pane either up/down or left/right depending on their orientation
  5. verify that scrollbar thumbs do disappear when the cursor is not in close proximity with the scrollbars anymore

Run the tests above with any application not listed below in the Application Compatibility list.

Application Compatibility

Applications known to work

Applications known to have issues with the ayatana-scrollbar


Description of the problem

Bug #


XUL not supported


XUL not supported


SWT not tested

wxWidgets apps

pager not active


For more information see the Canonical Design Blog for more information.

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