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UEC All-in-one cluster controller Install


This will install UEC CLC, Walrus, CC and SC components on the same host.

System Requirements

The All-in-one cluster controller needs at least 1 GB of RAM and 80 GB of free disk space.

Installation instructions

  1. Select your language for installation and press Enter.

  2. Select Install Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud and press Enter.

  3. Select your language for the installed system and press Enter.

  4. Select your regional settings and press Enter.

  5. Select No to detect keyboard and press Enter.

  6. Select your origin of keyboard and press Enter.

  7. Select your Keyboard Type and press Enter.

  8. Add your hostname and press Enter.

  9. Leave cloud controller address empty, and press Enter.

  10. Accept default of Cloud controller + Walrus + Cluster controller + Storage controller as the install type and press Enter.

  11. Select Guided - Use entire disk and set up LVM and press Enter.

  12. Select the disk to install too and press Enter.

  13. Select Yes on the partition layout page and press Enter.

  14. Select Yes to write the changes to disk and press Enter.

  15. Select the amount of disk to allocate (normally the whole drive will be represented by default) and press Enter.

  16. Select Yes to finally write to disc and press Enter.

  17. Add the default system user and press Enter.

  18. Add the default system username and press Enter.

  19. Add the password for the user and press Enter.

  20. Re-type the password and press Enter.

  21. Select whether to encrypt your home directory or not and press Enter.

  22. Add http proxy information or leave blank if there is none and press Enter.

  23. Select how to manage updates and press Enter.

  24. Postfix setup select Internet Site and press Enter.

  25. Add your System Mail name (default is for example and press Enter.

  26. Add your Eucalyptus Cluster name and press Enter.

  27. Enter a space-separated list of IP addresses valid on your network for instances to use.
  28. Remove the cd and hit Enter to continue.

Check registration of components

  1. After reboot and login, wait for components to be brought up:

    netstat -tl
    should show port 8443 running (takes about a minute)
  2. Type

    sudo euca_conf --get-credentials
  3. Make sure that walrus is registered:
    sudo euca_conf --list-walruses
    Example output:
    registered walruses:
  4. Make sure that the cluster controller is registered:
    sudo euca_conf --list-clusters
    Example output:
    registered clusters:
  5. Make sure that the storage controller is registered:
    sudo euca_conf --list-scs
    Example output:
    registered storage controllers:

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