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UEC Node controller Install


This will install the UEC NC component on a host.

System Requirements

Node controller

The node must be capable of KVM support either vmx or svm cpu support. You can check for this by doing the following in a terminal:

egrep '(vmx|svm)' /proc/cpuinfo

The Node Controller needs at least 1 GB of RAM and 80 GB of free disk space.


You need to have a working UEC Cloud/Cluster controller installed on your LAN first.


  1. Select your language for installation and press Enter.

  2. Select Install Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud and press Enter.

  3. Select your language for the installed system and press Enter.

  4. Select your regional settings and press Enter.

  5. Select No to detect keyboard and press Enter.

  6. Select your origin of keyboard and press Enter.

  7. Select your Keyboard Type and press Enter.

  8. Add your hostname and press Enter.

  9. Confirm Node as the install type and press Enter. /!\ Node should be auto selected if you install your Cluster first

  10. Select Guided - Use entire disk and set up LVM and press Enter.

  11. Select the disk to install too and press Enter.

  12. Select Yes on the partition layout page and press Enter.

  13. Select Yes to write the changes to disk and press Enter.

  14. Select the amount of disk to allocate (normally the whole drive will be represented by default) and press Enter.

  15. Select Yes to finally write to disc and press Enter.

  16. Remove the cd and hit Enter to continue.

Checking the NC communicates with the cluster

  1. After reboot and login, wait for component to be brought up:
    netstat -tl

should show port 8774 running (takes about 30 seconds)

  1. Make sure that node controller communicates with the cluster:
    tail -f /var/log/eucalyptus/nc.log

should show heartbeat messages every 10 seconds or so.

Checking the CLC sees the NC

  1. On Cloud Controller (CLC) type

  2. On Cloud Controller (CLC) type

    . eucarc
  3. On Cloud Controller (CLC) type and verify

    euca-describe-availability-zones verbose
    AVAILABILITYZONE   cluster1          
    AVAILABILITYZONE   |- vm types                free / max   cpu   ram  disk
    AVAILABILITYZONE   |- m1.small                0004 / 0004   1    192     2
    AVAILABILITYZONE   |- c1.medium                0004 / 0004   1    256     5
    AVAILABILITYZONE   |- m1.large                0002 / 0002   2    512    10
    AVAILABILITYZONE   |- m1.xlarge                0002 / 0002   2   1024    20
    AVAILABILITYZONE   |- c1.xlarge                0001 / 0001   4   2048    20

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