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Installing the PPA

A modified version of checkbox, along with a suite of application tests is available in the following ppa.

To install it run,

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nskaggs/checkbox-app-testing 
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install checkbox-app-testing

Additionally, if your running the livecd, you need to enable the multiverse repositories to successfully install this ppa. Check out how to enable this via this wiki link

Getting Help

Before we talk about running the tests, here are the ways you can get help if you have trouble installing or running the application tests.

On freenode, the #ubuntu-testing channel

The ubuntu-qa mailing list

Running checkbox

NOTE, for beta 2 the checkbox-qt gui has been adopted and differs from the old gtk version. The workflow remains the same.

Once everything is installed, start the application tests.

Open the dash and type 'Application Testing' and press enter to launch.

(If the above command doesn't work, open a terminal and type 'checkbox-app-testing &' and press enter. The gui should launch)

The checkbox tests should launch and display, similar to below:


Click next. The application will gather information about your system and present you with a menu of tests. Select as many tests as you wish, but DO NOT UNCHECK the 'Required tests (DO NOT UNCHECK)'. Right clicking will allow you to select or deselect all tests if needed. Each test suite should take around 5 - 10 minutes to complete.


Stopping and Resuming Testing

You may run the tests in batches with multiple submissions if you are otherwise unable to run all of the tests in one sitting (but want to do so! :-) ). In addition, you can resume your progress with testing at any time. Close the application at any time during the testing to stop. To resume testing again, simply start the application, and checkbox should prompt you if you wish to restart or recover.


Select Recover. When the menu appears hit next. You should resume where you left off previously with your results intact.

Submitting Results

Once complete, add your email address and press submit.


Checkbox should finish and thank you for testing.

Viewing your Results

To confirm we have received your submission, please have a look at this launchpad page:

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