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Ubuntu 9.10 Eucalyptus Testing

Ubuntu Server 9.10 Karmic Koala includes support for Eucalyptus and a private cloud. To ensure this support works as effectively as possible, we are looking to experienced eucalyptus users to test this support and provide some feedback. To do this testing we will need you to install the cluster controller and the node controller.

Please note that this testing will require some clean installs of a very recent 9.10 development build.

Getting Started

To participate in the testing you will need:

What To Test

1. Setting up the cluster

2. Setting up the node

3. Setting up the cloud

Filing Bugs

Bugs should be filed in Launchpad in the Ubuntu eucalyptus package. You can see this list of bugs at

Bugs should be reported using the ubuntu-bug tool. This tool is shipped with Ubuntu Server. To file a bug, type in:

and it will send relavent debugging content to Launchpad to help identify and resolve the bug. More details on ubuntu-bug can be found at


While testing Eucalyptus, you can use this section to share your feedback on non-bug elements of your experience such as user interface, instructions, documentation and anything else.

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