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Fake store

  1. Setup the fake store:
    1. Install UEC.
    2. Obtain a branch of the image-store-proxy code with a command such as:
      bzr branch lp:image-store-proxy
    3. Get into the branch, and copy fake-pubring.gpg to /var/lib/eucalyptus/
      cd image-store-proxy
      cp fake-pubring.gpg /var/lib/eucalyptus/
      chown eucalyptus:eucalyptus /var/lib/eucalyptus/fake-pubring.gpg
    4. Edit /etc/default/image-store-proxy and make sure it looks like this:

      DAEMON_OPTS="--debug --api-url=http://localhost:52781/api --keyring=/var/lib/eucalyptus/fake-pubring.gpg"
    5. Restart the image-store-proxy:
      service image-store-proxy restart
    6. Create a directory named images/:

      mkdir images/
    7. Copy the default UEC image files in the images/ directory:

      • kernel

      • ramdisk

      • image

      They should be named exactly like this and should contain the respective data for an image which is runnable in Eucalyptus.
    8. Run with a command like:
      python images/
  2. Install and run one of the image:
    1. Go to the Store tab in the Eucalyptus admin interface.
    2. Click on the "Install" button of any of the image.
    3. The proxy should download the image, bundle it, upload and register into Eucalyptus.
    4. Check that the registered image is publicly available:
    5. Try to start the registered image with the command given in the "Run instance" link

A more detailed how-to can be found in the image-store-proxy README file.

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