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Release upgrade from within the desktop.


  1. Preliminary step: Install all updates available for the release you want to upgrade.
    • run update-manager, click check and if any update is available click install

  2. Run update-manager -d -c from a terminal

  3. Click the upgrade version button
  4. Watch it upgrade, noting any errors

Post-upgrade tests

  1. Desktop effects

    • If you had compiz running, test if it is still running after the upgrade
    • If compiz was not running, try to enable it via System/Preferences/Apperance, then go to Desktop Effects and set it to "Normal effects"
    • Verify that it works by pressing SUPER(windows key)+e
    • Verify that the workspace layout and the keybindings are preserved
    • Open the Example Documents and play the "Experience ubuntu.ogg" and see if that playing works
    • Press ALT+F2 and type "glxgears" and see if it works
    • Watch out for screen artifacts
    • Please report any problems you observe and include some details of the problem and the files "~/.xsession-errors" and the output of "lspci -n"

  2. Desktop testing

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